VETPATH Canada was created to provide Canadian veterinarians with the kind of service we would want for our own furry companions.

We are a small independent team of veterinary pathologists that specialize in histopathology (anatomic pathology) and cytopathology (clinical pathology).

We provide more than just a diagnosis; we are part of your diagnostic team. We have dedicated our careers to diagnostic pathology for companion animals.

Samples from all types of companion animals are welcome.

Dr. Tatiersky with Schmarley.

Dr. Tatiersky with Schmarley.

personal and Compassionate

On the other side of every submission, there is a “Schmarley” (see photo to right) with a worried owner at home and a veterinarian waiting for guidance. We are pet owners too. We take our time with each case to provide a helpful and thoughtfully written report.

Practical, Pertinent, Prognostic

This is our standard for all pathology reports. If a specific diagnosis cannot be reached, we will clearly explain why, and will do our best to recommend what to try next.

Every sample is unique. You may only want to know if you are dealing with an inflammatory lesion or a neoplasm. In other cases, it may be important to pursue ancillary testing to identify a more specific etiology to guide your treatment options and provide prognostic insight.

You tell us what you really need to know for each case, and we listen.


We offer an online portal for all your pathology results (PDF format). Pathology results will also be sent directly to the email address(es) of your choice.

Our invoicing is paperless, and invoices are payable online by credit card or e-transfer.

Connecting with colleagues

There has been an incredible expansion in veterinary medicine over the past decade, with focus on specialty medicine and advances in our diagnostic capabilities. A team-based approach within our veterinary community is key to advancement of the profession.

We enjoy connecting and exchanging knowledge with our network of colleagues (other pathologists, surgeons, internists, oncologists, dermatologists, radiologists, etc.). These relationships create opportunities for education, and the diverse strengths and insights are complimentary and especially welcome for challenging cases.

Sharing our case material for outside second opinions is also warmly welcomed.

Giving Back

The more we know as veterinarians and veterinary specialists, the more we can help pets and their owners.

Giving back is one of the most important aspects of our work.

On behalf of every submission, a donation will be made to the Ontario Veterinary College Pet Trust Fund, specifically directed toward companion animal research.

We have no direct affiliation with OVC Pet Trust; it is our personal choice to donate to this fund at the end of every year.