We accept samples from existing clients only, or for one-time submissions for which a veterinarian would like VETPATH CANADA to provide a second opinion on a case.

EXISTING CLIENTS - How to Submit a Sample:

1. Download this submission form (or use the button to the right).

2. Fill it out electronically in Adobe Reader and print it out OR print it out and fill it in by hand. Place this form in the outside pocket of the clear submission bag provided to you. This way it is not exposed to any formalin leaks, should any leaks occur during transit.

3. Ship the sample and submission form to VETPATH CANADA using the Purolator Account # provided to you in your User Guide (shipping costs are covered by us). You may also choose to use any courier of your choice (shipping costs are covered by you, and deducted from your invoice).

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4. If you use Purolator, track your package here.

Please refer to your user guide for detailed instructions.

NOTE:  The shipper is responsible for any fines levied due to leakage/damage caused by improper packaging.


There are many things we love about Canada in the winter, but a frozen tissue sample is not one of them. Freezing artifact can make tissue almost impossible to interpret.

To prevent freezing:

  • Add 10-20 mL of methanol, ethanol, or isopropyl alcohol to the 10% formalin already in the jar.